Its 2014 and Savage World will be trying to make more stuff and getting to conventions to show it off. First up is Wizard World Sacramento. 


Ant Man
This is one of my customers wearing the Ant Man helmet I made for him. He did have a pro do the paint job on it.

Brandon (pictured below) got the helmet I made, signed by none other then Stan the man, Mr Stan Lee

San Diego Comic-con 2011
in the
Washington Post
here is a pic of one of my customers
wearing the Cap helmet I made him

Brandon McAnally, Erin Redshaw

"Comic Con attendees Brandon McAnally, right, and Erin Redshaw pose for a portrait dressed as Captain America and a USO girl at the LMT Music Lodge during Comic Con in San Diego, Friday, July 22, 2011. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)"

courtesy of
Matt Sayles / The Associated Press
Washington Post
19th 2011

EVENT-Silkroad Spring Anime Event

Its at the Sierra Vista Mall by Silkroad Gallery in Fresno Ca
25 at the door or 20 at Silkroads preorder just walk in

There will be a live band, a drawing contest,game tournaments, Karaoke and a  sword auction!
The other event that alot of people look forward to is the cosplay event, if you dont know what that means , alot of costumes!!!

Have fun all!!!!
My wife (Purple shirt) and I had not gone to a Anime event before, we enjoyed ourselves.
There were video game contests, Pokemon duels,epic battles, art contests and a whole slew of other things.
We both really dug the live band that was there as well, (Shout out to All Ages, you guys rock!!!)
Silk Road Gallery, you guys are way cool for putting on an event like this, an event that celebrates the kids and their love of Japanese anime.
I also have to give it up for the kids at the event, you all were awsome, several of you helped or attempted to help my wife find a poster for my daughter, which by the way , she loved.
The costumes were great, alot of you made your own, we were impressed, special shout to Linx and the girl with the way cool red trench and glass's

Peace until the next event folks
I say if you can make it next year, you should do it, for the kids!!!! 


Wonder Con
Wonder Con is April 1-3 2011
Moscone Center South
San Francisco
Well its Sunday night, around 10:23pm and I am sitting on the couch replaying Wondercon in my head.
To start off this was my wife and daughter's first con, they had a blast. I really enjoyed the trip more then the last SDCC I went to, because they were with me for this one. Its funny because now they are both looking forward to the next one and are already planning lol.
Wondercon was great, a lot of costumes and great people in general. The trip into Frisco was smooth and we managed to find parking for 10 bucks for the whole day. My brother Eric showed up with his girl Amy and another friend of his, (wish ya could have made the BBQ broham.)
I think the highlight of the trip for me and the wife was meeting Richard Hatch, the coolest celeb I've met yet. He was genuinely a nice guy and enjoys interacting with his fans, if your at a con I would highly recommend talking with him.
All in all a great trip and a great convention


SDCC 2007

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